If there's one thing this past year has taught me, it's that I can never have enough loungewear.

Somewhere around month 5 of being in quarantine I looked in the mirror and could not believe who I saw. My hair was piled on the top of my head and I was wearing my hubby's sweats for the third day in a row. I looked how I felt, defeated. I put my all into being a mom, running my household, and tried to sneak work and zoom meetings in any chance I could. I was a complete hot mess. But I knew there was a hot mom somewhere inside me, and I was desperate to find her. 

I figured if I felt this way, I knew other mamas and women out there did too. We need cute and comfy, versatile pieces that can withstand our long days at home. And not any of that stiff, uncomfortable, itchy stuff. We need the kind of loungewear that we will never want to take off. The type of fabrics that feel like butter on our skin and the kind of styles that make us look and feel like the hot moms that we are. 

Our days at home may not be glamorous, but that does not mean that our clothes can't be! My ultimate goal with Every Cozy Day, is to help women find their inner hot mama! I hope that every piece from my luxurious collection gives you the confidence and comfort you need to show up as the #GirlBoss that you are, every single day. 

Every Cozy Day is a reminder for every woman, that while we're safer (and busier than ever) at home, our sense of fashion and style does not have to take a back seat. You can do it mama, and you can do it even better in Cozy loungewear. 

Xoxo, Taila